When problems with tooth decay occur, they need to be fully dealt with to protect your oral health. What this means is that in addition to dealing with bacteria and damaged enamel, your Grapevine, TX dentist will have to place a restoration to provide lasting protection and bite support. The good news is that we provide treatments that can preserve your appearance as well as your dental health. We offer both dental fillings and dental crowns that can imitate healthy enamel. We also provide regular feedback about your smile during dental exams, which help to prevent complications from decay and also lower your risk for problems that need to be treated by a professional.

We Can Make Sure That Your Oral Health Is Fully Restored When You Have Cavity Troubles

Fully taking care of your tooth after a cavity means providing the right restoration. While a dental filling is the first choice, we will evaluate you carefully to see if you need the support of a dental crown. With both options, we can make sure that you are able to bite, chew, and speak without issues, and that your restoration will offer lasting stability and support. To lower your risk for advanced dental decay, keep up with regular dental visits. Because these appointments provide cleanings as well as dental exams, we can help you lower your risk for future problems and also look out for any issues that require attention at the time of your appointment.

The Benefit To Early Cavity Treatment

Through timely treatment for a cavity, we can fully restore your tooth with a custom dental filling. This means we only need to treat the area where decay developed and damaged your enamel. We will take care to apply the filling after the cavity has been removed. As part of the treatment process, we will smooth it out and work to ensure that it blends in with the surrounding structure. In addition to keeping the affected area safe from a new infection or more physical damage, your restoration will help you maintain a comfortable and natural bite.

We Can Provide Advanced Protection From A Dental Crown

Through the placement of a custom dental crown, we can make sure that you have the full protection that you require after treating decay. There are different materials that are used in the construction of crowns. For back teeth that need to provide more bite pressure but are harder to see, we can recommend the use of a metal restoration. However, if one of your more visible teeth needs to undergo care, we can provide treatment that relies on porcelain or zirconia to provide a lifelike appliance that protects and offers cosmetic benefits.

Talk To Your Grapevine, TX Dentist About Fully Treating A Cavity

Through the right procedure, we can make sure that your cavity is fully and properly treated! To find out more, please contact Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX today by calling 817-329-6000.