There are different reasons why people feel hesitant before smiling in a picture, or why they might try to keep their teeth out of view when they smile and speak. Cosmetic flaws can be frustrating for you even if they do not impact your dental health. Fortunately, the right procedure can help you see desirable results, and can actually do so in less time, and with less effort, than you anticipate! Our Grapevine, TX dentist’s office provides different options for care, including the option to proceed with dental bonding and contouring work. This approach makes lasting changes without making it necessary for you to have permanent restorations placed.

Are You Tired Of Having Doubts About Your Smile?

If you have doubts about the quality of your smile, it can be difficult for you to feel confident in your overall appearance. Whether you have always had doubts or experienced more recent concerns, it can be difficult to know what to do about this matter. Fortunately, questions of how you can address dental flaws are easier to answer when you speak with your dentist! With the right procedure, you can see real results, and you can see them in less time, and with less effort, than you realize!

The Benefits Of Conservative Bonding And Contouring Work

Through a conservative tooth bonding and contouring procedure, our practice can fix spacing issues, correct problems with damaged teeth, hide discoloration, and do more to improve your overall appearance. The bonding process hides flaws through an application of a resin substance that adheres to enamel to provide lasting improvements. Through contouring work, we can fix issues with jagged or oversized teeth so that they no longer look flawed.

Reviewing Your Other Treatment Options

You can explore other options for cosmetic dental work at our practice. Our services including treatment with porcelain veneers to take on issues with tooth shape, size, and color. While this work can take longer to complete, veneers offer more durability, making results easier to preserve. There is also a possibility that your dentist will recommend that you restore a tooth with a dental crown. This is because you may need more than just cosmetic changes, as you can have issues with the way you look as well as with your oral health and bite function.

Talk To Your Grapevine, TX Dentist About Dental Bonding And Contouring Work

Through dental bonding and contouring services, we are able to take on embarrassing cosmetic issues that make people feel unhappy with the way they look whenever they speak or smile. This is an approach that is more conservative than you may expect, one that can fix spacing issues, problems with discoloration, concerns about misshapen or damaged teeth, and more! If you would like to find out how this or another service can benefit you, contact Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX today by calling 817-329-6000.