Is there something your dentist can do to help you relieve active problems with pain? It may seem obvious to visit a dentist when you have a toothache, but should you also make an appointment to discuss matters of pain in your face or jaw? Is your dentist someone who can help you deal with persistent headaches? At our Grapevine, TX dental practice, we can offer support when patients are struggling with aches and pains like these by providing TMJ treatment. Problems with your jaw alignment and movement can lead to discomfort in several areas. Without the right services, these discomforts can continue and create worsening issues for your quality of life.

How Is TMJ Disorder Impacting Your Life?

There are several ways in which TMJ disorder can negatively impact your daily life. It can become more difficult for you to bite and chew food when you have this condition, and it can also become uncomfortable to speak due to limited jaw movement. Another concern is that you can create problems for your neck and shoulder muscles due to ongoing issues with your jaw tension. This can lead to more pain, and it can be the reason you have more frequent headaches.

Planning Treatment For Ongoing Jaw Problems

After confirming that you have issues with your jaw movement and alignment, we can start planning your TMJ treatment. Using a custom oral appliance to change the resting position of your lower jaw can reduce the stress you are under, which can mean no more problems with pain and stiffness when you bite and chew. This can lead to better movements, so your muscles are placed under less tension. A custom guard can also be used to effectively stop problems that you have with teeth grinding while you sleep, a problem often connected to TMJ disorder.

Is Your Trouble With Poor Bite Function Linked To Another Oral Health Issue?

There are different reasons why people experience problems with poor jaw alignment. With that said, one issue is that poor oral health makes it difficult to apply pressure in an even and comfortable way. To combat this, it may be necessary for us to proceed with restorative dental work. These services can take on teeth that are damaged or undersized, as well as those that cause you discomfort because they are affected by decay.

Talk To Your Grapevine, TX Dentist About TMJ Treatment!

The appropriate response to TMJ disorder can relieve tension on your joints and muscles, which can mean relief from ongoing issues with discomfort. If you want to discuss your potential jaw alignment and movement problems with us, or if there are any other matters where we can help you, please reach out to Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX today by calling 817-329-6000.