Beard Grapevine TXIf you are looking to a tooth extraction, or maybe you have already lost a piece of your smile, you might be thinking about a replacement prosthetic. This can be very overwhelming for patients, who are still grappling with the emotional trauma that comes alongside the loss of a part of your body. Not to mention, there feels like there is an urgency to make the correct decision.

You should feel comfortable in whichever route you decide, so the more information you can absorb now, the better. There are a few different avenues available in replacing a natural tooth, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. Today, your Grapevine, TX dentist breaks down a few of the most common replacement methods, and where they tend to fit the best!

Help With Localized Damage

Dental bridges are a proven way to replace an isolated situation, where there is a healthy structure on either side of this gap. Crowns are placed on these, known as “abutment teeth,” and then a replacement prosthetic hangs between them, and the support is dispersed throughout the jaw.

This can be a great smile replacement scenario for those who have otherwise healthy mouths. If there are concerns about the ability of the two crowns in handling extra pressure and strain, your dentist may not suggest this method. If they do not, trust that your smile will not be able to take the extra strain. These other procedures might be a more suitable solution for you!

Maintain Your Natural Tissue

For patients with more extensive damage, or unconventional issues that require a more creative approach, partial dentures may be a fantastic option. One benefit of this approach is that it allows you to keep the maximum amount of your natural biological material. These may attach using clasps or hidden enclosures to ensure that they stay connected to your mouth.

The Technological Advantage

One of the most popular areas of dentistry currently lies in dental implants. This includes the placement of a titanium post within the bone of the jaw. This metal has a unique property in which our immune system does not attack it as a foreign object. Instead, we protect and nurture this threaded post and it becomes strong and secure.

These cutting-edge prosthetics are becoming more and more common in daily use, and this will only continue into the future. The simple fact is that this concept is unparalleled in contemporary medicine. The use of osseointegration (the use of titanium fusing with natural bone) is also used in prosthetic limbs. Amazingly, a new sense is reported using the vibration of the metal and how our brain interprets this!

Questions About Your Smile?

Replacing a missing tooth can be overwhelming. Let us help you make the correct choice. Call us today to schedule an appointment! To learn more, reach us at Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX today by calling 817-329-6000.