Smile GVTXIf you struggle with the appearance of your smile, you are certainly not alone. Your mouth has to be both attractive and functional at the same time, which can make maintenance difficult over time. Sticking to a strict schedule with your cleanings and examinations helps you to have the tools you need to be successful. Diligent oral health care allows you to know more about where you are not brushing fully, and early detection of your problem gives you more control in limiting damage.

Even with meticulous dental care, there might be areas of your smile that you wish to improve. Over time, the coloration from the foods and drinks you consume can leave their lasting marks. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure that aims to gently lift years of extrinsic stains from your enamel. At Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX, we offer a convenient treatment that you can use in the comfort of your own home. For this and other cosmetic enhancement, discuss your options with your provider and be honest about your desires!

Schedule An Appointment To Know Your Needs

When you look to improve your oral health for cosmetic purposes, you might want to avoid reaching for over-the-counter solutions before you speak with a provider. This is a common tendency for the public, as these options are found at your local supermarket or drugstore. While these products are accessible, a visual examination from your provider can help you to first identify the problem. Knowing the cause of your concern can be helpful in seeking the proper treatment. There are multiple benefits to your checkup, so be sure to stick to your six month timeline for visits. Speak with your provider about all of your options while you are at the office.

Treat Your Whitening Alongside Your Home Dental Care

Tooth discoloration is a prevalent condition, but care can differ depending on the cause. Most products address extrinsic stains; if the issue stems from within, your bleaching could weaken your enamel without a noticeable change.  If your dentist has determined that your cosmetic concern stems from extrinsic stains, a simple at-home treatment can help you to achieve a brighter smile. This approach uses custom designed trays that you fill with gel and wear for your designated time. See noticeable results in as little as two weeks with this method! Discuss other nagging issues with your dental health while you are at the provider, as well.

A Brighter Dentistry In Grapevine, TX

Whiten your teeth with the help of a trained dental health professional and keep an eye on the strength of your enamel. The improvement of your smile is important to us at Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX. Give us a call today at 817-329-6000 or book online to begin your process!