Adult Male Grapevine TXThe routine maintenance of your smile is a constant endeavor, and you spend time each day to make sure that your teeth are safe. If your brushing stops at the gumline, you could be allowing the infection of your gums. This is called periodontal disease, and it is a common condition in this country. Nearly half of all adult Americans experience some extent of gum infection, yet still there is a stigma surrounding it. Treat your receding gumline as a medical concern with the help of a trained professional through the process of scaling and root planing.

At Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX, we want to help you improve the vitality of your entire mouth. These systems are interconnected in highly intricate ways, so speak with a trusted provider about all of your concerns. Nightly teeth grinding is another diagnosis that you might be putting off. Your overnight activity could be eroding your enamel, putting your teeth at risk. Take the time to speak with a knowledgeable dentist who understands the systems of the mouth.

Noticing A Change In Your Gums? Call Your Dentist

Keeping an eye on your gumline is a great way to spot the development of periodontal disease. If you start to feel tenderness, or if the location starts to look particularly red, it may be time to see your provider. The first phase of infection is known as gingivitis, and you may be able to stop the progression in its tracks. Schedule a time for your routine cleaning and examination, so that your dentist can take a look at what is going on in your mouth.

Debris can make its way between the gum tissue and tooth matter, and bacteria can grow in these areas. Just like in other areas, these microorganisms create plaque and tartar. Scaling and root planing can help you through the dedicated cleaning below the gumline.

Your Jaw Stiffness Might Be A Sign Of Something More

If you wake up with a tight or sore jaw, it could be a symptom of a condition known as bruxism. This term refers to the grinding of your teeth, and it can be particularly damaging at night. When you are asleep, you lack the ability to channel your energy into chewing healthy snacks. Instead, you allow the collision of your teeth for hours each night.

An oral appliance can help you by placing a barrier, preventing your enamel from touching. This approach also minimizes your jaw movement, which can relieve the stress it causes. Speak with your provider about your options!

Treat Your Whole Mouth In Grapevine, TX

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