Dental cleanings & exams suggested to a patient

It’s recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year (every six months) for an exam and cleaning. It may seem like an arbitrary guideline to set for patients, but maintaining these appointments is very beneficial to your oral health. Your dentist at Share Dentistry is experienced in caring for the oral health of patients in Grapevine and in providing thorough exams and cleanings.

Why are exams and cleanings so important?

Even if you brush and floss regularly (as you should to keep teeth clean and healthy), there are usually still traces of plaque and food debris left on your teeth, particularly between teeth. These harmful substances can only be removed with a professional dental cleaning. If left on the teeth for too long, they can cause cavities to form and can even lead to gum disease.

Many dental issues, such as periodontal (gum) disease, occur without presenting obvious symptoms, as health issues in other parts of the body might. If you become affected with the disease, you may not notice until it has reached an advanced stage that is more difficult to treat. Dental exams are very helpful in detecting dental issues while they are still in their early stages so that you can receive treatment promptly.

Dental exam

Your dentist will check the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth overall during a routine dental exam. He or she will also look for signs of plaque, cavities, and the development of periodontal disease. X-rays are usually taken once a year and, for some patients, an oral cancer screening may also be part of the exam.

Dental cleaning

Following the exam, you will have your teeth cleaned, usually by a dental hygienist. First, the buildup of plaque and tartar will be removed from the tooth surfaces, including in between the teeth, up to the gum line. A high-powered toothbrush will then be used to brush your teeth. This will be used with a special toothpaste that has a grittier consistency that will scrub and polish the tooth surfaces better than your toothpaste at home would. The brushing will be followed by a professional flossing, which serves to both remove any remaining tartar from your teeth as well as to alert the hygienist of problem areas where there may be bleeding. The cleaning will end with a good rinse to get rid of any traces of toothpaste or debris.

Be sure to schedule an appointment at Share Dentistry in Grapevine to maintain your oral health.

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