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Consider Full or Partial Dentures for Your Smile Solution

Do you have a number of missing teeth that affect your self-confidence when you smile? Do you have a multiple of teeth that are so damaged from decay that they’re not only causing you embarrassment – but causing you pain, as well? Do you have teeth that are severely chipped, cracked or stained beyond repair?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you’re an ideal candidate for a smile makeover from Share Dentistry with the help of full or partial dentures.

The thought of full or partial dentures may at first be scary, but we believe once you understand more about how these dental appliances work, you’ll agree that they’re the solution for you! If you still have questions, we invite you to call a member of our dental care team to learn more.

Two Types of Dentures – Both with the Same Amazing Feature

Whether you select full or partial dentures, they both promise modern state-of-the-art technology in creating a natural looking and natural feeling smile. In fact, with the many advances made in modern dentistry in recent years, both types of dentures provide an appearance that is very similar in appearance to natural healthy teeth.

But Wait…There Are Even More Benefits to Full and Partial Dentures in Grapevine

We’ve already discussed how dentures can improve your self-confidence by improving your smile, but this form of restorative dentistry has two additional benefits: They are cost-effective and long-lasting! Dentures can last up to 10 years before an adjustment or replacement is needed. But during that time, they are the proven, cost-effective treatment that will keep your smile looking beautiful.

Not Sure if Dentures Are Right for You?

Share Dentistry is committed to preserving the smiles of every one of our patients in a way that will make them the most happy and healthy. To that end, if you find yourself shying away from the thought of full or partial dentures, rest assured that we can recommend other treatment plans to help in your smile restoration, such as dental implants in Grapevine.

Instead of delaying the improvement of your smile any longer, why not make an appointment for a consultation and treatment plan today?

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