Smile after root canal treatment

Root Canals

Our second set of teeth is intended to serve us well for life. At one time, if an adult tooth became injured or diseased, the only solution was extraction. Luckily today, that is not always the modern way. For many patients, a tooth can be saved with root canal treatment in Grapevine.

Root Canals in Grapevine

At Share Dentistry, root canal therapy is used to treat an infected or inflamed pulp. The inner pulp is soft tissue deep inside the tooth that houses all the blood vessels and nerves. When a tooth infection reaches the center and the pulp becomes inflamed, treatment is a must.

A deep tooth infection and pulp inflammation occurs most commonly if you have:

  • A deep cavity or large filling
  • A serious tooth injury
  • A chipped or cracked tooth

All of these oral health conditions can allow bacteria to get to the pulp and cause inflammation and/or infection. Once this happens, the root infection can spread to the jaw leading to pain, swelling, tooth, and bone loss without root canal treatment.

Tooth Extraction without Replacement

If a tooth is removed and not replaced, the remaining natural teeth may shift out of place. This can cause difficulty brushing and flossing, biting and chewing properly. Mouth areas that are hard to clean are more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

Root canals save teeth and help patients avoid such oral health problems. In addition, root canal treatment at Share Dentistry is more cost effective than a bridge, dentures, partials, or implants.

How Long Will a Root Canal Tooth Last?

When restored and maintained properly a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy in Grapevine can function for many years. But, like every natural tooth, it is not immune to decay, damage to the tooth structure or surrounding tissue, or gum disease. Professional teeth cleanings at Share Dentistry and routine dental exams will help maintain your healthy smile — whether you’ve had root canal treatment or not.

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