Choosing teeth color for dental veneers treatment

If you are interested in making some cosmetic changes to your smile, veneers are a great option. These thin, custom-fit shells are made of porcelain and fixed to the front of the teeth to change their appearance. They are a popular choice in cosmetic dentistry because they are a simple solution, but are effective and very versatile. You can find this treatment at Share Dentistry to get the smile you want in Grapevine.

How do veneers work?

Veneers are fixed onto only the front of the teeth to address a variety of issues. They can be fixed to treat:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Stained teeth (that do not respond to other whitening methods)
  • Deformed teeth
  • Worn/uneven teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Teeth alignment issues

Veneers require much less preparation than dental crowns do, allowing you to retain more of your natural tooth structure.


Dental veneers require at least two appointments to be placed successfully. During your first visit to Share Dentistry, your dentist will prepare the tooth (or teeth) receiving a veneer. This will require a small portion of it to be shaved down to create room for the veneer to fit. A local anesthetic will be used to minimize pain and discomfort for this procedure. Once the tooth is the right size, an impression will be taken of it, which a dental laboratory will use to create the veneer. A temporary veneer will be placed at the end of this first appointment to keep the prepared tooth protected until the veneer is ready.

It will take two to four weeks for the veneer to be completed. You will then return to our office to have the temporary veneer removed and replaced. The permanent veneer will first be placed onto the tooth to check the fit; your dentist can make adjustments if needed. After having the temporary veneer removed, the prepared tooth will be cleaned, polished and etched. The veneer will then be applied with a special cement and hardened with a special light beam.

Visit Share Dentistry to talk to our dentist about improving the appearance of your smile with dental veneers in Grapevine.

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