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What to Do During a Dental Emergency

You may be reading this because you believe you have a dental situation that’s classified as an emergency, but you’re really not sure. If so, keep reading to learn more about this topic as well as some dental emergency tips.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Urgent care for a mouth injury such as a partially dislodged or extruded tooth, bleeding from your mouth, or injured gums, tongue or lips, is far more serious than toothaches, something’s stuck between your teeth, or loose bands and brackets or broken wires and braces.

Responding to the Situation

Every person will respond different to their understanding of the situation. So, whether it’s a cracked tooth, broken teeth, loss of a permanent tooth, an abscess, or oral disease, everyone needs pointers on at-home care before determining whether it’s an emergency situation requiring immediate care.

Four Tips Before Calling in the Emergency Reinforcements

The first thing is to remain calm. Try to breathe in deeply and calm yourself before you spring into full emergency-action mode. By remembering to stay calm and take deep breaths you’ll be able to make decisions based on fact rather than panic. And that’s always the preferred choice in decision-making!

Once you’ve calmed down, take a moment to access the situation without the involvement of emotion. If there’s a mirror nearby, take a look at the problem.

If you’ve lost a tooth, try to locate it and store it somewhere safe to bring into the dentist’s office for further assessment.

If your tooth is cracked, you may be able to wait to make a regular dental appointment instead of an emergency one. Take time to explain to your dentist or the dental care team what happened and the extent of your injury.

Some Tips to Prevent Injury

Although a lot of dental trauma occurs from automobile accidents, there are things that you can do at home to prevent sports-related injuries from occurring. One tip is to always wear a custom mouthguard when involved in any type of active sport. It doesn’t just have to be contact sports – we’ve seen injuries from runners who’ve lost their footing and fallen!

Foodies Beware

As fun as it might be for some people to crunch on ice or chomp a popcorn kernel, they are both major culprits to cracked teeth emergencies. In fact, merely crunching down on a tortilla chip the wrong way has resulted in many unsuspecting foodies having to search for a dentist near me in Grapevine, TX for emergency care!

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