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The Advantage Of Dental Prevention

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Once you reach adulthood, much of your oral health regimen is focused on maintenance of your existing material. The differing forms of tissue within the mouth may not recover as with other areas of the body. For instance, enamel is the hard external surface of the tooth its damage can be permanent. There are helpful… Read more »

A Family Cleaning Before Christmas

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This time of year, the time can really fly by. With so many stresses and so much activity springing up around you, it might feel difficult to properly schedule. If you have children, then this situation can be even harder to maintain. Nothing beats walking into the family gathering at the holidays with a fresh… Read more »

Cold Can Increase Dental Sensitivity

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When the weather begins to turn, some patients will invariably notice that they are feeling their teeth more. Breathing in crisp winter air might not give you the brisk sensation that you were expecting. Instead, you may feel pain or discomfort. This might not just be in your head; some instances of dental issues can… Read more »

The Worries Of Teen Molar Growth

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Teenagers are notoriously hard to communicate with, and this can be especially true in terms of their health. There are many reasons as to why people are at their most self-conscious at this time. Socially, teens are trying to figure out their place within society and life in general. Testing boundaries is a natural process… Read more »

Tackling Bone Density In Your Smile

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We all grow older, and our health concerns change as we age. Once we reach the age of 50, our bone density begins to decrease significantly. We simply are not evolutionarily designed to live for this long, so we need to take special precautions in the way that we maintain our smile. Today, your Grapevine,… Read more »

Special Precautions For Pregnant Smiles

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If you are expecting, the concerns can seem to pile up quicker than you can manage them. That is why it is incredibly important to find healthcare professionals that you trust. Such a large change in your body’s functions, both routine and new, can throw even the most attentive of us for a loop. Whether… Read more »

Baby Teeth Create A Path Forward

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We maintain a strong oral health regimen in order to protect ourselves and prevent the growth of bacteria within our mouths. While we inherently know this to be important and useful, sometimes parents may feel that their child’s first set of teeth might be a little less important. But that is hardly true, as young… Read more »

Avoiding Trouble With Teeth Grinding

There may be more problems threatening your smile than you realize. Oral bacteria and food particle buildup can certainly affect you. With that said, those who suffer from bruxism can face an additional threat, one that can impact their well-being and appearance while they sleep. Problem with nightly teeth grinding and clenching can result in… Read more »

How Preventive Care Protects Your Gums

When you think about preventing problems with your oral health, make sure you think about more than just what you can do to protect yourself against cavities. You should take care to keep your teeth clean at the gumline in order to prevent problems with gingivitis. Bacteria that gather beneath your periodontal tissues can cause… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry And Your Oral Hygiene

There are different actions that you should take to keep your smile clean and in good health. Those actions are not limited to what you do on a daily basis, as you should include regular dental exams as part of your overall commitment to protecting your teeth. By keeping up with preventive dental services provided… Read more »