A Sleeker Way To Correct Alignment

Aligner Grapevine TXAlignment struggles can be difficult. Unlike some other forms of dental health concern, yours is on full display to the world. This can make the treatment of your alignment feel like its own sort of embarrassment. Discover the benefits of clear aligner technology from Invisalign®. This process operates in a sightly different manner than traditional braces, so it is important to understand the difference.

Clear aligners can be a helpful way of moving teeth because they maximize the amount of surface area. Spreading stress across more of your mouth can be a more comfortable experience. This also helps to quicken the time of your orthodontic treatment. Speak with us at Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX about how neatening up your alignment can help you smile with a new sense of confidence. Discover how clear aligners from Invisalign® can give you a happier and healthier smile. (more…)

The Advantage Of Dental Prevention

Blonde Smile Grapevine TXOnce you reach adulthood, much of your oral health regimen is focused on maintenance of your existing material. The differing forms of tissue within the mouth may not recover as with other areas of the body. For instance, enamel is the hard external surface of the tooth its damage can be permanent. There are helpful means of restoring your teeth in these situations, but preventive care can help you to keep your own smile strong. Your six month checkups are a way for you to retain a close watch on your dental wellbeing.

At a visit to Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX, a thorough examination can help identify problems before they become more severe. The removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth during your cleaning can also help to preserve your natural enamel. Beyond the teeth, your gums require consistent care. If you have begun to experience recession, speak with our team about periodontal rejuvenation. Allow your mouth to work efficiently and protect itself through regular checkups with a qualified oral health professional. Save time and effort in the long run with dedication to prevention! (more…)

Rediscover Your Smile Strength

Comp Grapevine TXIf you struggle with the durability of one or more of your teeth, this concern can seep into nearly every aspect of your life. It is during these times that the importance of your oral structures truly stands out. Depending on the root of your concern, the failure of a functional tooth can lead to further issues that can become dangerous to the future of your dental health and to your overall wellbeing as well.

Enamel decay can wear the external surface to the point where infection can set in within the soft interior of the tooth. When this reaches the nerve, it can lead to a major toothache. A dental filling can help you to restore areas where a cavity has begun to compromise the durability and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria into vulnerable areas of the mouth.

Cracked or broken teeth may be renewed through the placement of a gorgeous new dental crown. This sturdy ceramic cap can help you ensure that the site stays functional and you stop the risk of further enamel trauma. At Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX, we understand that planning for your dental outlook can save you trouble down the line! (more…)

Amazing Versatility With Porcelain Veneers

Creative Grapevine TXOne of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures aims to repair and enhance your natural enamel. Porcelain veneers are sturdy ceramic coverings that can help remedy a broad variety of concerns. Cracks and chips can be erased with the placement of these caps. If you suffer from dental erosion due to an oral health issue, this may be a way to bring your enamel back to full strength.

This is important for the future of your smile, as this material protects the inside areas of the tooth. At Share Dentistry in Grapevine, TX, we proudly offer patients access to a comprehensive smile enhancement utilizing porcelain veneers. If you are seeking a way to lift up the quality of your smile, this process can be a way to ensure that your oral health stays robust at the same time. Discover how a porcelain veneer procedure can help you to achieve a strong and beautiful smile! (more…)

Enamel Repair For Tooth Decay

Group Grapevine TXTooth decay is a common source of dental health struggles. Since the enamel does not repair itself, any loss of this material can lead to lasting damage to the smile. This situation can come as a complication of bacterial infection due to improper oral hygiene. Dental erosion may also lead to the wear and loss of this vital tissue.

When decay becomes severe, it can endanger the future of the teeth. Infection can readily spread into the pulp and require a root canal surgery procedure. If this remains it may even grow into the bone of the jaw and lead to further issues with your comprehensive health. Your Grapevine, TX dental office is here for your enamel restoration needs, whether you require a filling or more extensive repair. (more…)

A Family Cleaning Before Christmas

Family GVTXThis time of year, the time can really fly by. With so many stresses and so much activity springing up around you, it might feel difficult to properly schedule. If you have children, then this situation can be even harder to maintain.

Nothing beats walking into the family gathering at the holidays with a fresh and healthy smile, though. Not only does it give you the best chance to leave a good impression on the family you only see once a year. Scheduling your family’s routine cleanings and examinations for right before the holidays can set the tone for oral health maintenance. Before your loved ones get together, come into our Grapevine, TX office so that we can keep a close eye on your family’s development. Proper prevention can make all the difference in the future of your smile! (more…)

Make Positive Change With Invisalign®

Teen Grapevine TXOne of the most common issues seen in dental offices across the globe is with the alignment of the teeth. While we may take immaculate care of our smiles, their location may be giving you trouble. Not only can this make your smile appear less beautiful than it could be, but alignment issues can lead to some serious medical concerns related to your oral health.

Clear aligners are one of the most innovative advances of the past few decades. These simple trays allow you to shift the location of your teeth within your jaw over time. And due to their nearly invisible approach, your friends and your family don’t have to even be aware of your procedure, unless you want them to. Today, your Grapevine, TX dentist shows you how Invisalign® treatment can allow you to have the best looking, healthiest smile possible! (more…)

Spruce Up Your Smile For The Holidays

Holiday Grapevine TXThis time of the year, you may be getting things ready so see loved ones that you might not have seen since last year. Also, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, some people may have missed a visit or two over the past few seasons. This means that each time you meet, your appearance comes brutally up against their perception and memory of you from the last time you met.

For this reason, it can be a fantastic time to invest in your smile! Often, patients can feel that cosmetic dental enhancements have to require a long period of preparation. But most of the hestitancy relies in your hands, so don’t wait to improve the quality of your appearance. Today, your Grapevine, TX dentist showcases some of the ways we may be able to bring a whole new life to your smile to show your friends and family during the holidays! (more…)

Cold Can Increase Dental Sensitivity

Sensi GVTXWhen the weather begins to turn, some patients will invariably notice that they are feeling their teeth more. Breathing in crisp winter air might not give you the brisk sensation that you were expecting. Instead, you may feel pain or discomfort. This might not just be in your head; some instances of dental issues can lead to this feeling!

Much of this sensation comes from the breaking down of our enamel. This is the incredibly firm outer surface of our teeth that gives us the functionality and protection that we expect. Tooth decay is one of the primary ways that this can become damaged, where acidic bacterial waste can fully eat through this protective surface. Bruxism, or the term for grinding and clenching, can wear this down through a process similar to erosion. Periodontal disease, or the infection of the gum tissue, can also lead to this situation. Whatever the cause, sensitivity is not something that you should ignore, as it can be caused by things that can lead to progressively worse outcomes. Today, your Grapevine, TX dentist explains how the cold can expose your weakened smile! (more…)

Your Smile Can Be Better Than Ever!

Lawyer GVTXOur smiles are a difficult thing to navigate. This is, of course, an incredible oversimplification, but there are many different issues that can affect the quality of your oral health. This area has the unique distinction of needing to be both functional and beautiful at the same time, which can be a life-long struggle.

And the structures in our mouths and the way they sit are simply very unlikely to grow in as perfectly as you would like. Your alignment may be in need of some assistance, and this can happen at any age. Beyond their initial growth, other factors such as infection and trauma that can shift your teeth in your jaw. Today, your Grapevine, TX dentist opens up about one of our industry’s strongest tools, the porcelain veneer. And before you receive these prosthetics, we can ensure that you are at your desired whitening level! (more…)