Diabetic? Take Special Precautions

Diabetes Grapevine TXDiabetes is the most common auto-immune disorder that afflicts Americans. Whether you are a Type I or Type II diabetic, you should be aware that it can have a serious effect on your oral health. You are more predisposed to tooth decay, as well as periodontal disease, and neither of these things are minimal concern.

Today, your Grapevine, TX dentist explains some of the most common concerns if you have this condition, and the best ways to ensure that you keep yourself balanced! (more…)

Information For Those Who Want Whiter Teeth

If you have set a goal of showing off a whiter smile, you should know that taking on discoloration without help can lead to frustration. There are products that can boast about making your smile brighter, but they can ultimately have less benefit that you anticipate. Fortunately, your dentist’s office is able to help you. A cosmetic procedure that focuses on whitening teeth can help you see more significant changes, as your enamel can become brighter by several shades. Our Grapevine, TX dentist’s office is prepared to offer this service to our patients. We do so by providing customized whitening kits that remove stains, even those that have settled and become particularly difficult to remove. (more…)

Relief For Patients Who Live With TMJ Pain

The daily effects of TMJ pain can be hard to ignore. For those who live with it, this issue can cause discomfort during basic bite movements, issues with more frequent headaches, reflexive teeth grinding, and general pain in the face, neck, and head. Our Grapevine, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you if you think TMJ disorder is something that you currently live with. Through the appropriate corrective care, we can resolve problems with poor jaw alignment so that you can bite, chew, and speak with renewed comfort. We can also look out for any issues with unhealthy teeth that have contributed to the problems you experienced with poor bite function. (more…)

Using Veneers To Make Exciting Smile Changes

Do you feel a sense of dissatisfaction when you look at your smile in pictures, or when you check it in the mirror? Even minor problems with our teeth can be hard for people to ignore, as your smile can be among your most prominent features. At our Grapevine, TX dentist’s office, we can provide you with different options for cosmetic dental work to take on these problems. One of those options involves the placement of porcelain veneers. The results you see from this treatment can be truly exciting. Through this one service, we can respond to issues with discoloration, dental wear and tear, problems with spacing, and other visible issues! (more…)

How Crowns And Other Restorations Are Used

There are many dental appointments that conclude without any kind of restorative dental work. At a routine appointment where no problems are discovered, you will be able to finish your appointment after having a cleaning and careful evaluation from your Grapevine, TX dentist. However, if there is a cavity that you need to contend with, we can help by placing the appropriate restoration. The good news is that whether you need a crown or filling, you can count on the treatment to both protect your tooth and your smile. This is because we use restorations that match the appearance of healthy enamel! (more…)

Avoiding Trouble With Teeth Grinding

There may be more problems threatening your smile than you realize. Oral bacteria and food particle buildup can certainly affect you. With that said, those who suffer from bruxism can face an additional threat, one that can impact their well-being and appearance while they sleep. Problem with nightly teeth grinding and clenching can result in significant wear and tear, jaw pain, and even problems with chipped and cracked teeth! Our Grapevine, TX dentist’s office can help you deal with this issue before it has more impact on your well-being. A custom guard, worn at night, can stop problems with grinding and let you stay protected while you rest. (more…)

Relying On Invisalign For Smile Improvement

Until you do something about your poor teeth spacing, you can feel stuck with a smile that you are just not fully comfortable showing off to others. What you should know is that the work involved in correcting spacing issues can be easier for you than you anticipate. By talking to your Grapevine, TX dentist about Invisalign treatment, you can learn about the benefits of Invisalign aligners for correcting uneven teeth spacing. Problems with gaps and overlaps can be discreetly fixed, which means you can find the process of correcting them easier to agree to than you anticipated. Remember that we also offer traditional orthodontic appliances, which can make corrective work available to those with more significant alignment problems. (more…)

Using Dental Implants To Hold Prostheses

Prosthetic dental work can take on one of the more advanced, and frustrating, oral health issues that can affect you. Our Grapevine, TX dentist’s office can rely on implant dentistry to close gaps in your smile that are the result of missing teeth. Why use implants in the procedure to restore your incomplete smile? With their support, prosthetic teeth are able to stay secure enough to offer important bite support. They can even help to stabilize neighboring teeth, and they can even help you maintain your jaw health! Whether you need to replace one tooth or have a need for multiple prostheses, we can talk to you about how implant dentistry can be beneficial. (more…)

How Preventive Care Protects Your Gums

When you think about preventing problems with your oral health, make sure you think about more than just what you can do to protect yourself against cavities. You should take care to keep your teeth clean at the gumline in order to prevent problems with gingivitis. Bacteria that gather beneath your periodontal tissues can cause an infection that leads to inflammation, tissue damage, and bleeding. In time, the problem can grow more serious and lead to worse consequences for your overall health. Our Grapevine, TX dental practice can help you avoid troubles with gingivitis and gum disease. Through timely routine services, we are able to lower your risk for future problems. When there are already signs of gingivitis present, we can recommend that you have a scaling and root planing as part of your routine visit. (more…)

The Impact Of Tooth Bonding On Your Smile

How much can you really expect from a cosmetic procedure that only requires one appointment? For people who arrange tooth bonding and contouring services, many changes can be made through surprisingly conservative treatment. We can take on concerns about the color, shapes, and sizes of teeth that currently impact the quality of your smile. Your Grapevine, TX dental practice is able to take on these matters while only making conservative changes to your enamel. Depending on the number of teeth you hope to restore, we can have your treatment finished quickly enough to fit it into a single visit! (more…)